Alberta Rye Whisky – Our Starting Point

Every journey has a starting point.   Whether you are taking your first step in a marathon, getting your first set of car keys or trying your first bottle of whiskey, it all begins with that first step.   We have two guys which are driving the train in our blogs and podcasts…   We have two separate paths with our preferences in drinking… However we found we have the same enjoyment for Jim Beam products.

Since this is going to be the “Beam” guy giving his first blog in this series, I want to talk about one of the recent whiskey’s I was introduced to at a recent “whiskey tasting” event.   Now I am sure this is going to get my first strike against fellow whiskey drinkers but I haven’t always been a fan of knocking a few ice cubes into glass and sipping away… I have always been let’s fire up some coke or diet coke and enjoy a mixed cocktail with whiskey…   Yes, I know that isn’t the best way to drink it but after talking with the host of the whiskey tasting, he said it doesn’t matter how you drink it but drinking the way you like it…   However he still gave me the stink eye I was mixing my whiskey but we moved on and started tasting his samples.

One of the six whiskey’s we tried tonight was a whiskey from north of the boarder.   It was a rye entry (which is a Jim Beam product) called Alberta Rye Whiskey.   I haven’t been a huge “rye” fan over the years however with each whiskey I was sampling, I made sure to have a chaser close by so I could finish off all of the samples.    I heard the same thing from the prior four samples from my buddies, oh man this is great, and you won’t need that chaser… By the fourth sample of hearing it, you sort of lose faith in your friends.   However I guess fifth time is the charm because I finally had to agree with them.

I found a whiskey that I could taste and not have every single hair on my arm pop up.   A whiskey that I could slip on and not feel any bite from it.   A whiskey that I could enjoy in the middle of winter or on the lake in the summer… A whiskey that I have no problem tipping my cigar in and enjoying the evening.

Thanks to the wonder of technology, I could quickly check out the details on this Rye… According to their website, a simple bottle of Alberta Rye Whisky – Dark Batch runs with a simple 91 / 8 / 1… What that means it is 91% Rye Whisky, 8% Bourbon and 1% Sherry.   Now that is too many numbers as far as I am concerned, I went with 100%.   100% sure I am going to pick up a bottle of this whiskey on the way home from this event.   100% sure this is going to be ice cold in my freezer so it is ready for any drinking opportunity… 100% sure, I have found a new great gem from Canada.

I started this blog that every journey starts with that first step.   Well this way my first step in writing a blog about my favorite bottle of whiskey in my freezer.   Stay tuned for more blogs because we are willing to take one for the drinking community and find that next gem…



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