Getting Coldcock On The Rails

When most people buy something, regardless of the product, they are drawn to the marketing of that product.   Whether it is a brand new car, the next best thing or a bottle of whiskey.   It could be the name, it could be the branding or it could be the design..    Regardless, marketing is key for success.. Well marketing is showcased in not only this blog but our podcast recording for Coldcock Whiskey…

What is cooler than matte black?   Nothing…  Whether it is the color of your new car, your new motorcycle or your new bottle of Whiskey..   Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey captures your attention with their bottle..   The logo is what catches your attention next because it is that punch of excitement coming straight at you on the bottle..   BOOM!!!    POW!!!!   Makes you immediately want some of that…   Heck, we went and got some of that for our podcast..   Let me tell you, if you don’t respect this whiskey you might just get Coldcock’d…

Let us start with how we ran across this whiskey to set up our podcast.    We love our local and national music scene..    Every one of those bands look for some great sponsors to back them both on and off the stage.   Over the past couple of years, one of the names that keeps on growing is Coldcock Whiskey..     From national tours like Mayhem Fest to local Indianapolis acts like Rich Hardesty, they are flying the black matte banner..    We have seen those banners popping up all over the city and with the banners come the bottles of whiskey.

Well we took one of those bottles because we wanted to get some of that..    We wanted to be fair like the bulk of our reviews and try them three ways..    Neat, Rocks and Mixed because that is how we do it on the rails..    In our overall podcast review, we mentioned that Coldcock boasts that they have nearly half the sugar of competing shot brands at 70 proofs..   Which we said that before we ever tried it and man we wanted to say, really???  Because when we first tasted the whiskey, that sweetness is all we tasted..  It has that punch of sweet that was almost like a southern sweet tea punching you on the lake…   Which if you don’t know, I am a huge fan of sweet tea so it wasn’t a bad kick start to this whiskey..    This by far isn’t a sipper, so we did what needed to be done and pounded down the whiskey in our awesome GlenCairn Whiskey Glass..      Extremely sweet on the front and really smooth on the back end with no burn at all with the taste..   It was a great shot to take with some really great flavors..

Their website boasts the American bourbon is infused with herbs like green tea and ginger (with some additional flavors) but those were the two items that extremely stood out when trying it..   I really had that ginger taste on the back-end for quite a few minutes..  To me again, isn’t a problem because I like ginger but we already had an idea of what would go great with this as a mixture..  But we aren’t there yet, we wanted to have the whiskey on the rocks..

Adding ice to the drink, and ultimately water, probably was my least favorite way to have this as a drink..   When it comes to my whiskey in general, I love to have it cold..   Fresh out of the freezer is preferred but when you introduce ice and water to this whiskey it really doesn’t add very much value and watering is down almost takes away the smooth flavor from front to the end..    If we would have had some sort of whiskey stones opposed to ice, I think my review might be completely different here but rocks certainly isn’t the way to go to enjoy this whiskey..  Doesn’t give you that punch of fun but maybe more of a slow rocking chair of excitement..

We continue the process and we went with a mixture..  Honestly this is where the drink shines because it is a great compliment to some already favorite mixtures..   While we took some suggestions from their website which one of the drinks was a Cocky Mule..  Which if you haven’t had it you basically are going to take 1 ½ parts of Coldcock Whiskey, fill with ginger beer, ice and a lime wedge in your favorite Moscow Mule Mug.    We tried this right out of the gate and it was a great drink right out of the gate..  However my favorite way of having this was in an Arnold Palmer..  We took some un-sweet tea, lemonade and gave it a strong pour of Coldcock..   Not only did both of the guys agree that this was probably the best way to have it in a mixed drink, we want to submit the suggestion to Coldcock Whiskey as a “Cocky Rail” (drink patent pending).    The biggest problem with the drink was you had to keep making new drinks because they went down so smooth.

At this end of the day, we tried the whiskey and found great ways to enjoy the whiskey.     We liked it cold, we loved it mixed and enjoyed the punch when we got some of that..    Would we keep this whiskey in our bar, yes we would..      We want that black matte bottle with the fist on our shelves so we can challenge the next whiskey drinker to step up and try it..    If you have had it, you know it is great to toast that next band when they are about to take the stage…


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