Episode 5 – Three Degrees Of Bulleit Rye

As the guys from Whiskey On The Rails continued their epic voyage around the state of Indiana, we stumbled upon a Rye Whiskey that is bottled down in Lawrenceburg, Indiana..   Bulleit Rye was the whiskey of the week and wow did we choose a great rye whiskey..    We didn’t know what to expect from this whiskey until we tasted it three ways..   It was tough to walk away from the first test (neat) because it was just that smooth of a drink.   We even tried to disprove some of the reviews that this rye wasn’t a great whiskey for a Manhattan.  We did have our resident spirits traveler Patrick joining the guys and giving his thoughts on Bulleit Rye Whiskey..   In August, we are going to be giving away some great products to our social media followers (21 and over) which Bulleit was kind enough to donate for your pleasure..  So, check out this entertaining podcast while we were drinking on the rails..  Train..  Train…   

Check out this episode!


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