Down The Stretch They Come With Lexington Bourbon Whiskey

Alright, so as we gear up for another podcast, Eric and Rob looked up at the scoreboard and decided to pick Number 6 – Lexington Bourbon Whiskey for our horse in this race.   Well horse racing or a podcast, it all has a starting point, a half-way and at times a photo finish.    We took this opportunity to bring together another opportunity for something new.

While working your way through the bourbon trail, you will certainly stumble upon some great whiskey’s and outstanding distilleries.   You can have that same experience of finding new liquors while venturing through your local liquor store..  Granted there aren’t samples, an expert tell you the history about the whiskey’s or even cool people to share the experience.   What you do have is a history lesson with each whiskey bottles in the store because each tells a story..

Well this story was sort of a ruse at first because I saw a bottle that looked like a Woodford Reserve on sale for $29.99 and said, holy crap!!!  Once I started getting closer to the bottle, I realized that it wasn’t anything close to what I originally thought but the price still had my attention and it was something I had never had before so I figured this was a great bottle to try three different ways on the rails..

As we fired up on our recording, we got to learn something real quick about this whiskey..  If you take it lightly, it will burn your face off..   Yes, that is more of an inside joke that you will get during the podcast but it had a great burn when you tried it neat..    The burn and overall heat quickly went away once we added some ice and water to the whiskey.    It made the whiskey a bit more tolerable because it took the edge off and really took away from that bite we might have feared once we tried it but actually look forward to it, once we try our whiskey’s.

We have made the statement prior, if you have to provide a mixture on the best way to enjoy your whiskey, it might not be the best whiskey to try unless you are saying “whiskey & coke please” to your bartender.    Lexington’s website provided a drink called the “Horse’s Neck” in their mixology section.  Well this was a drink that we fired up in our third section with some ginger-ale, bourbon and while we didn’t add it you would need a dash of bitters to complete the drink.      This caused a first between the two hosts because the two completely disagreed on the taste of this drink.

We both enjoy ginger-ale for our mixtures when it comes to whiskey’s but this drink wasn’t favored at all by one of the hosts.   Yes, another teaser for listening to the podcast because the story each told on the flavoring really showcased our bartending skills.   Yes, another bartending plug..  At the end of the day, we added this whiskey to our shelves and found some great ways to drink Lexington Bourbon Whiskey.     There are some great details in our podcast, which will be released on Whiskey Wednesday.   Check out our additional thoughts on the podcast and look forward to your thoughts..


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