Basil Hayden’s, The Perfect Whiskey With A Cigar

While we are taking our journey on the rails, we get the pleasure of mixing in some of our favorite whiskeys in the weekly podcasts and blogs.   We know that we aren’t always going to pick a winner at random, so when we have the control on the choosing our whiskey, it makes for an easy podcast.   Plus when one of the hosts is a virgin to the whiskey, it just makes life even better.   So this week, we are talking about one of Beam Suntory’s own whiskeys, Basil Hayden’s.

Thanks to a whiskey dinner at Claude & Annie’s in Fishers, Indiana, one of our hosts had the pleasure of drinking this wonderful whiskey before the event began and was educated on the proper way to say the whiskey’s name.   “Ladies and Gentlemen, yes the collection of whiskey’s we have had tonight does come from the same location as Basil Hayden’s and no it is not pronounced like an herb like I heard earlier in the evening” was said by our whiskey host..  Yeah, that guy who said it wrong earlier was yours truly..   When we were recording another podcast, I made the comment before dinner that it was one of the whiskey’s I was introduced to by a local patron during a bartending shift.   Which that is when I learned, if you pronounce something you enjoy incorrectly you better be willing to be the butt of jokes for the evening..   Oh well, I just had to drink a few more..

So when we brought this whiskey into the recording for our podcast, we learned that the other host had never had this whiskey.   He is a beam guy and never had this whiskey..  He was a virgin, a whiskey virgin to Basil Hayden’s fine whiskey..  You know what, this is an opportunity when you want to take care of one of your friends and make sure he is no longer a virgin..  When drinking whiskey, that is the rule..   I am not sure about other areas but hey, only in whiskey..    I even shared my original story on when I first met Basil Hayden’s whiskey..   People say that love at first sight is rarely achieved and/or rarely possible but I gotta believe this was love at first sight when I first tried the whiskey..  Alright, maybe I am sharing too much information and we should go into some information about the podcast.

As we have said before in our tasting, we try it three ways..  Neat, Rocks (soon to be stones) and finally with a mixture.    Honestly, I didn’t want this tasting to make it past the second step because this whiskey isn’t meant to be mixed with coke, diet, sprite, ginger ale or even dr. pepper..   No No No..  It is meant to be served neat..  It is meant to be served on the rocks..   After trying it for a new podcast, it is awesome with whisky stones.   It doesn’t deserve to be mixed to take away or hide the great taste.  You should never, ever order this drink at your local waterhole with a mixture..  If you want a great whiskey mixture with soda, please just order a Beam and Soda (which is something I enjoy)..  It was save you money.

However in this podcast, we did get to enjoy quite a few samples of this great whiskey.   Thanks to our followers on Twitter and Periscope, we did field a few questions during the podcast.   One question specifically was what sort of a cigar would go better with this whiskey.     While I will keep that as teaser, we did talk about a few different cigars that might hold up but sadly a black and mild didn’t make the cut.

While we keep on drinking, we hope that people are enjoying our teaser blogs for our upcoming podcasts because we are enjoying each of the whiskey’s we have tried.    There is no better feeling than introducing one of your friends to one of your favorite items.    In this case, my whiskey..   I suppose the only thing that would have been better would be him paying for it..   Yeah, that might do.   Stay tuned for the podcast on Whiskey Wednesday’s.


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