Hotel Tango Joins The Sponsorship Rails

In this sort period of time since we have started this whiskey podcast, we have learned one important lesson when it comes to whiskey.   Find those who have a passion of what they enjoy and you will find some excellent whiskey opportunities.    With that simple logic, we haven’t only found some outstanding whiskey but we found ourselves our new Whiskey Sponsor of the show, Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The guys from Whiskey On The Rails took the owners of Hotel Tango up on an offer to come down, check out their location and talk about their spirits.  Travis, Brian and Adam not only opened up the doors of their historic building but they brought out some of their yet to be released Whiskey for our conversation.    Let me expand upon that statement, they brought out some 60 day, 120 day and 150 day aged Whiskey which as we progressed through each bottle, they got better and better and better..  However, lets hold off on the whiskey for now and tell you more about these guys..

While the key in every good whiskey story is the whiskey, lets take a step back and tell you how this great company came together to form Hotel Tango.  If you take a moment and read their story from the website you will learn quickly how Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery came together as the brainchild of Master Distiller Travis Barnes, his wife Hilary and a few of their closest friends of Adam Willfond, Brian Willsey and Nabeela Virjee (per their website).    The overall naming convention reflects the military roots of Travis, who is a Marine and also the use of the military alphabet.   By using the military alphabet, he took H (for his wife) and got Hotel and then took his T (from his name) and got Tango to pull together Hotel Tango.   They have used the same alphabet when pulling together the rest of his spirts across the board from Vodka, Gin, Moonshine and Rum.    Which I am sure in a later blog, we are going to go into a lot more description of the rest of their fine spirits.    However for this introduction, we are back to being on location or at-least giving our perspective as we officially got to their location.

Hotel Tango has their operation in a beautiful historic building which used to be a horse carriage repair shop in the 1890’s.   Before you even walk into the building, you are taken back by the active street traffic this building has thanks to the community.   You have farmers markets, you have lively street folks and tons of individuals who are out running and biking in downtown Indianapolis.    Which that right there is awesome because foot traffic brings thirsty individuals ready for something good.

When you first walk into this place, you can see some of the history from the 1890’s with the repair aspect.   It is a very rustic type of building with an awesome fireplace right in the middle of the tasting room.   Which both of the hosts thought it was from the original building but to our surprise, well I think we will let you listen to the podcast for that story.    What might also catch your eye is their mascot who is keeping an eye on everybody who enters to make sure they don’t get out of line.    Fletcher, who as it was described by Brian, is the most popular figure of the tasting room because patrons have actually called to see if he was there that day so they could see him.   He might only be a cat but that is only half true because he is also half bobcat..  Which I learned if you bring your daughters lunch cooler in to keep your Whisky Stones cold, Fletcher will laugh at you and apparently so does everybody else.   However that is a great story left for the podcast to tell.

Before we get back to the whiskey, let us tell you a great piece of information about Hotel Tango and honestly this was one of the biggest reasons we wanted to engage them and learn more about their story.   Travis proudly served our country as a Marine and we are appreciative for his service to our great country and we made sure to thank him during our podcast for that.    The coolest thing Hotel Tango can boast is they are the first craft distillery in Indianapolis but just as important, they are the first service-disabled veteran-owned distillery in the country.  We both applaud the efforts of our military and we both take great pride in volunteering our time to support our military, which another great piece you can learn about in our podcast.

In our podcast you get to hear about a variety of items mentioned above but you also get to hear us talking about Hotel Tango’s Whiskey that the gentleman were kind enough to share.   As I said earlier in this blog, as we progressed from the 60 day to the 200 day distilled whiskey, we enjoyed a progression of whiskey which only got better and it was distilled.  Please don’t take that statement as we didn’t enjoy the first 60 day bottle because that was the furthest statement from the truth.     Each of the bottles started getting more color from the time it spent distilling in their barrels which started to add some great complexity in each tasting.   To Eric’s enjoyment, he got that burn in each of the bottles which made him really excited to keep tasting and trying, which you will certainly hear more about during the podcast.   While we want to keep this as much as a teaser as possible, words can’t describe how great the spirits were that we tried and the company that joined us for this podcast.    We had been looking forward to this podcast recording for almost a month and we left extremely excited to work with this awesome company.

Which all great things should be celebrated and we have one final piece to celebrate.   We are proud to announce is Hotel Tango and Whiskey On The Rails have created a partnership for Hotel Tango to become our official Whiskey Sponsor of Whiskey On The Rails.   Each of our guests, each of our social media questions, all of our call-ins / call-outs and our periscope videos are all going to be sponsored by Hotel Tango.      You will continue to see all of their social media promotions, upcoming activities and general spirits promoted on our website and social media campaigns.    We look forward to a great relationship and even more look forward to recording on location in the upcoming months.  We will certainly be promoting our upcoming recordings if you would like to come down and share a drink with us during our recording, you are more than welcomed.   Which this is a teaser, they are the first of our three sponsors we are going to be announcing over the week.   So stay tuned to our announcements, check out future blogs and more importantly check out our podcast with Hotel Tango.

Here is information so you can find Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery:






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