The Ultimate Whiskey Hat Trick

Your boys here at Whiskey on the Rails have accumulated what we consider to be the Holy Trinity of sponsors.  After some deep thoughts about what one would need to have the ultimate whiskey drinking experience, it hit us.  First, you’re going to need a glass… Boy did we luck out by having the good folks from The Glencairn Whisky Glass Company join our team!  Located in the greater Cincinnati area, sent us some of their personalized works of art.  These whiskey specific glasses are not only beautiful, but by far the best way to enjoy your favorite shot of the good stuff.  The narrow mouth of the glass functions perfectly for the sniff test to be performed, allowing the true aromas to come through and appreciated then seamlessly flows in to the slightly larger bowl which is made to hold the right amount of whiskey, plus some stones(we’ll get to that in a second).  The shape of the glass is extremely ergonomic to the point you won’t want to set it down.  As you can see from the pictures, The Glencairn Whisky Glass is a must for any and every whiskey drinker who is looking to up their game and hang with the big boys.

So, now that we have the glass, how are we going to chill our whiskey without diluting it?  Enter Whisky Stones.  These beautifully handcrafted soapstone cubes from Vermont not only fit perfectly into the Glencairn glass, but chill your favorite blend instantly.  The stones come beautifully packaged from, where there are numerous sets to choose from.  The non-porous stones just need to be hand washed, air dried and popped in the freezer for a few hours and they are ready to roll.  Three of the stones in your glass are going to take the temperature edge off without watering down your beverage and not requiring you to store an entire bottle in your freezer.  When you’re finished, repeat the process and have these bad boys at the ready for your next outing.  Want to be the envy of your buddies?  Pair the Whisky Stones from with a personalized Whisky Glass from and watch out!

So in this blog / podcast we wanted to talk about our newest sponsors but then we also wanted to put the classic theory to the test when it comes to whiskey..  Which is better for your whiskey, Rocks vs Stones?   The classic debate which we were happy to take on with a simple bottle of Makers Mark as our sample Whiskey.     Each of the hosts have two separate ways of enjoying their whiskey but the end result is the same, having it cold..   Whether it be a couple of rocks in their glass or having the bottle in the freezer, each of them enjoy the whiskey cold…   Well with this situation, we had to really think about our enjoyment because while one keeps it very cold (with the stones) the other serves a purpose by keeping it cold but diluting the whiskey once the rocks melt.

As we fired up the Glencairn Whisky glasses with ice and let sit for about five minutes, we watched our whiskey really start to lose some color because the ice was melting.   Sure it was chilling down the Makers Mark but it was also watering down and more importantly cutting down some of that great burn you enjoy while having it neat.    We are sure almost all of our readers / listeners have experienced Makers Mark but if you haven’t you are going to find it is an outstanding whiskey that uses more wheat than rye in the mash which gives it a smooth caramel and vanilla taste on the front end with a very quick and disappearing burn once it goes down..   Now when I say quick on the burn, it doesn’t stick with you like a Knob Creek Rye (teaser for the next podcast review) but it quickly burns and then smooths out as you drink it..    Now with the rocks, you really start to lose some of those upfront tastes because as water usually does, it takes away some of the bite and really taste away from your whiskey to the point where some say it is tolerable.    Tolerable might be a good thing in your opinion but to us, we feel that is takes away from the overall enjoyment of the whiskey.    So while on the rocks is one of our tests for our three part enjoyment, in this case it isn’t adding to the enjoyment level of the whiskey.

Now after we finished our whiskey because lets face it you shouldn’t leave a good whiskey behind in almost any situation.   We did the same test with our whiskey but this time we inserted three of our Whisky Stones into our Glencairn Whiskey Glass and let it sit for five minutes.     Now what do you think is going to happen once the five minutes are up?   Are we going to see a change in color?  Are we going to see a change in smell?   Are we going to see a change of taste?    The answer to all of those questions is quite simple, no you aren’t.   Where Whisky Stones excels in this process is not changing anything from taking your whiskey from room temperature to the proper tasting temperature, if you enjoy it chilled.    You don’t have the same issues where your whiskey is diluted and taste is taken away from the original pour from the bottle..  You get that same great taste from the moment it is pour and finished to the point you need another whiskey in your glass.

As somebody who really enjoys a cold whiskey and doesn’t look for the taste to be changed, the whisky stones don’t only fill that void to make it cold but they look completely awesome in any glass.  Of course our preference would be our Glencairn Whisky Glasses but we are just giving you our two cents.       If you are looking for a winning combination to complete your whiskey experience, you need to really check out our sponsors.    We certainly give them our seal of approval and you will hear about them in each of our upcoming and future podcasts.   We have the perfect glass, we have the perfect stones and once Hotel Tango introduces their whiskey to the general public, we will be giving you a new podcast on some great new whiskey to run out and get you some of that..

Sponsors Information:

Hotel Tango –

Glencairn Whisky Glass –

Whiskey Stones –



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