Our Differences With Knob Creek Rye

The beauty of having two hosts is they don’t always agree on what they are drinking.   If we both loved each and every whiskey it would make for a boring conversation and a boring review of each of the whiskey’s we bring to the table.   Well today we got to bring out a great rye from Knob Creek which one of us was a fan and another needed a bottle of tums to get through the recording.   We aren’t saying that this rye is bad but it certainly wasn’t somebody’s glass of whiskey.

As we started out our podcast, we fired up our periscope recording (sponsored by Hotel Tango) and decided that we are going to do our testing three ways across the board.   That would be neat, rock (ice) and over Whisky Stones (our awesome new stones sponsor).    With this testing, we didn’t feel that we should ruin this rye with mixing it with something because when you got a name like Knob Creek, you are expecting some awesome whiskey.

Step One, Neat..   As we start ever episode, well after the priming we take before the episode begins, is trying our whiskey of the week, neat in our outstanding Glencairn Whisky Glass.   At this point, both of the hosts are on the same page.  We are both looking forward to trying out this great rye from Knob Creek, we both are ready to roll with our podcast and we are both tip our whisky glasses to try out a new whiskey.   Well that is pretty much where that story ends and a tale of two differences begin with our Knob Creek Rye.     Check out the podcast and hear what our periscope (compliments of Hotel Tango) viewers saw in shaking off an apparent bad taste by one of the hosts.

Step Two, Whisky Stones.   If you haven’t listen to our podcasts in the past, it is very evident that one of our hosts really enjoy cold whiskey.   In his fridge, he will keep his whiskey at near freezing temperatures so he can enjoy a neat whiskey without having it watered down.   Since we got the whiskey warm, Whisky Stones were going to be a perfect addition to this step.    We placed three whisky stones into our glencairn whisky glass and gave it about 10 minutes to chill the whiskey down to a cold level.  Ten minutes later we were ready to jump into our second round of tasting our whiskey which really one of the hosts enjoyed rather nicely.  It was a cold rye whiskey which really gave you that pepped spice burn as you tried each taste of Knob Creek.    While I will save the pleasant review of the cold whiskey for the podcast, I will certainly start the notion that one of the hosts really dislike the whiskey during this process.  As he repeatedly claims during the podcast, he tastes cloves and cinnamon through each of the samples of whiskey and is really looking for the third step in our review process because that ice / water might really cut out some of the taste in our review.    You could tell the pure disappointment from this whiskey which we both thought would be solid since it comes from the Jim Beam family of whiskey’s (which we are both huge fans).

Step Three, Rocks / Ice..   Well we got to the stage that our other host was looking forward to during this podcast because he was hoping that some rocks and water would really cut down this rye to a point where he could really enjoy it.    Well not to ruin a good story but lets just say that adding rocks didn’t turn this isn’t a Christmas miracle.    Not only did the change of whiskey with the dilution of water not have a positive effect on the whiskey but he became even grumpier in the review process.   I gotta believe, as we say it on the podcast, that the percentage of rye that is included in this particular rye whiskey was the core reason why the host had such a problem with enjoying this whiskey.

While we try to keep our blogs as a teaser for our podcast, it is quickly known which one of the hosts enjoyed the whiskey and which one had a huge problem.   Honestly, it is a great thing that we both have completely different opinions on what we drink so we can provide our honest feedback and help the whiskey fuel some great conversations.  If you can’t sit around and enjoy beverages with your friends over some great conversations then you are missing out.    Well in this one, each of the hosts had an opportunity to give their feedback, their own thoughts and more importantly got a shot or two in on the other host.   At the end of the day, we might agree to disagree but you gotta listen to the podcast for more information and our reviews.

We mentioned our sponsors during the podcast and blog..  If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsors link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

Sponsors Information:

Hotel Tango – http://hoteltangowhiskey.com/

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Whiskey Stones –  http://whiskystones.com/



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