Take A Walk With New Zealand Single Malt

Our joy when it comes to whiskey is trying new flavors and distilleries which we haven’t tried in the past.  We take advice on new items to try, places to go and what is trending as a must have whiskey.  Well thanks to the suggestion of Brendan over at Blind Pig Confessions, we ran into a bottle of New Zealand Single Malt Whisky compliments of Journeyman Distillery.   Something bold, something strong and yet something so very delightful sitting in our beautiful Glencairn Whisky Glass.   What was cool about this whisky, it was batch one and bottle 2825 (out of 3000) that were produced for this limited edition production.

As we started out our podcast, we fired up our periscope recording (sponsored by Hotel Tango) and apparently one of the hosts wanted to set mood lighting for the recording.   It was either that or he was too lazy to walk back over and turn up the light levels so our viewers could easily see the hosts opposed to catching a faint glare from the computer monitors.   So again, we have a great whiskey so opposed to bringing in a mixture, we kept it simple with a three-way recording.   That would be neat, rock (ice) and over Whisky Stones, because they are made of stone!!!!

So the first step in every single podcast is going to be neat.   What we do share during the podcast, we always try the whiskey this way because we will get the best view of our whiskey.   That is always an important piece of the recording because the color and tone really sets the picture for our whiskey tasting.  More importantly, we get to check out the whiskey in our beautiful Glencairn Whisky Glass.    The color is a beautiful caramel color however it isn’t a clear whiskey on the surface.    It has a little fog in the glass which makes it better because one of the hosts can’t see the other and really he was completely fine with that..    That is where our story gets better because the smell on this whisky wasn’t what either of us were expecting with our first test of neat.

You expect a bunch of flavors like vanilla, oak and oddly enough for Eric last week he was smelling liquorish.   This week, you would get zero of those traditional flavors.   Well okay that isn’t true because we smelled oak but the overwhelming smell during our test was a wine flavor.   It had a very strong port smell opposed to some of the overall normal whiskey characteristics.   Which don’t get us wrong, we enjoy some wine because our wives enjoy it but we aren’t wine guys who know the ins and out..  We know what we gotta pay when the wives want it but that is where we draw the line.

The flavor continued the process of a review and sure enough when we tasted the whisky it gave us some of the same characteristics of having a red wine..   There was zero burn with this whisky when we were drinking this however we got that wine tones that when with this whisky.   Which oddly enough, one of the wives attended our post production event and she wouldn’t agree with this being a wine whisky considering she isn’t a fan of whiskey BUT loves wine..   So the battle continues because there is a lot more information waiting for you in the podcast.

We took it to our second step which was adding our Whisky Stones.  As I said in the past podcast and blog, one of the hosts really enjoys cold whiskey.   This bottle was kept in his freezer until the day of the recording and gave it time to come back to room temperature.    Since one of the hosts hadn’t had the opportunity to try it first (which yes, that is discussed early in the podcast), we wanted the other host to have the full spectrum of trying this whisky.    Well we gave the Whisky Stones to sit in the Glencairn Whisky Glass and that was enough time for the whiskey to get down to a chilled temperature.   Honestly getting this whiskey did exactly what one of the hosts were saying all along, it makes it even smoother.  You get zero burn from the whisky to begin with, now you are getting a chilled down beverage that would go great with a beautiful cigar..  Hmmm, an opportunity for a cigar sponsor here?  Well stay tuned, we might have something for that in the near to late future.     The stones add that specific characteristic of not taking out any of the flavors and deluding down the taste.   One of the hosts indicated this was his favorite way but he was jaded before they event started recording.  Again, more details in the podcast for our taste testing.

Now the final way, time to break out the ice and water..  One of the reviews that we read on this whisky flavor profile was it had a taste of brown sugar.   We both agreed in the first two testing methods, there wasn’t any brown sugar profiles during our tasting process.   However, when you add in some ice and water, yup……  There is that brown sugar profile and it really opens up the taste of the whisky to bring in some additional flavors.   While we go into a lot more detail in the podcast we do make sure to talk through how the water quickly changes the profile.   A lot of sites we have read for this whisky said a cube of ice and a drop of water really opens up this whisky.   We gotta agree with that however it doesn’t win our overall preference for the day.

While we try to keep our blogs as a teaser for our podcast, we do talk through this whisky from start to end.  However this was one of the podcasts where we both got back on the horse and really enjoyed our suggested whisky from Brendan at the Bling Pig Confessions.    We do have a few more podcasts coming down the pipeline, which were suggestions from our followers.  If you want to suggest something, please send us a line and we will do our best to find it.    Our buddy Dabber is going to be added to the mix with his awesome whiskey suggestion, just has to come and join us and bring the whiskey.   Just a friendly plug for him..

We mentioned our sponsors during the podcast and blog..  If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

Sponsors Information:

Hotel Tango – http://hoteltangowhiskey.com/

Glencairn Whisky Glass – http://www.glencairnwhiskyglass.com/

Whiskey Stones –  http://whiskystones.com/



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