2 Gingers For The Ladies

We have mentioned during some of our podcasts that we have had a whiskey that really made us strutter..  I am not talking like rocking out to Kiss “strutter” but I am talking that feeling where you want to clean yourself with a chicken strutter..  Alright, maybe that is the wrong visual as well but we can say that your two hosts and our featured guest (sitting in on the Hotel Tango guest chair) weren’t huge fans of this whiskey.   The adventure continues in this podcast so stay tuned for its release and enjoy our blog on the episode.

We brought back our friend and featured guest of the show (compliments of Hotel Tango) Patrick onto the rails for a repeat whiskey experience.    Our featured whiskey of the week would be a 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey out of beautiful Minneapolis, MN.    If you haven’t read about this whiskey, we have good news and bad news..  The good news, the guys from Whiskey On The Rails are going to give our review of this whiskey..   The bad news, well we took one for the team..  We have now set a new Mendoza Line for when it comes to our whiskey enjoyment / lack of enjoyment..  Well stay tuned for our podcast but we give some of our thoughts in this blog.

Let us jump into this whiskey and this might be a very short blog in comparison to some of our others blogs because we really want to keep some of our thoughts and emotions for your enjoyment on the podcast.   The reoccurring message we kept hearing about this Irish Whiskey was it was made for the ladies..   A lot of companies are making certain types of spirits that are more geared towards the ladies who enjoy spirts but want a little taken off of top..  Yeah, that might be a better way to say it vs how we did in the podcast but it is certainly a whiskey geared towards the ladies.

When you bring three guys who had just finished a delightful Bulleit Rye and then jumped into this 2 Gingers recording, we might have had a jaded opinion right off the bat because we completely enjoyed that whiskey and our emotions were running extremely high.    Yes, incase you missed that episode, the same Patrick was back recording with us and we were waiting for him to drop a “T-Bone” and walk out.    Did that happen, who knows..  Check out the podcast..

Oh yeah, so the whiskey.   We did try it three ways of neat, rocks and mixture.   We have to apologize to Whisky Stones because we didn’t have their product in house yet when this was recorded we couldn’t test it out as a way to try the whiskey.    Personally, we don’t feel that cooling down the whiskey would have been a great review because diluting the whiskey and mixing did some great wonders with this whiskey because none of us were huge fans of this whiskey neat.  However you will get those great thoughts and strutters during our podcast.

Now, let us say something as a general rule.   If we purchase a whiskey and on the label is great drink suggestions to enjoy it..   Put the whiskey back on the shelf and walk away.   There is one great way to enjoy the whiskey, neat, rocks or with some whisky stones..   If you need to have a mixture, please enjoy it in a fine Manhattan or just buy a cheaper whiskey and enjoy it with some cherry coke (which yes Rob and Eric both enjoy that mixture thanks to our second podcast.

One of the hosts had this whiskey during a Irish Whiskey dinner at Claude & Annie’s (friend of show) and they did some excellent marketing during the event.   This was the first whiskey we tried during the evening but the host was a delightful lady straight off the boat from Ireland.   So with her brogue accent, she made everything look, sound and taste better.   She told the story on the company, she sold the taste of the whiskey and more importantly every guy at the dinner loved this whiskey..  However now I am starting to think it was a ruse and I was bamboozled.   Whoa, well played sir.   Well played, oh yeah I believe that story was in the podcast as well.

Well end of the day, you can start to see how we felt about this whiskey.   It might not officially land in our top ten but it was our first official “Rail” whiskey that we did review.    So check out the podcast and hear more about 2 Gingers and more from our featured guest Patrick.    He is a man of few words but what he says is awesome.

We would like it noted, we hadn’t finalized some of our sponsors with this podcast and blog since it was recorded early in our recordings.   However we do love our sponsors and want you to learn more about them..   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

Sponsors Information:

Hotel Tango – http://hoteltangowhiskey.com/

Glencairn Whisky Glass – http://www.glencairnwhiskyglass.com/

Whiskey Stones –  http://whiskystones.com/



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