Podcast 12 – 2 Gingers For The Ladies

We have mentioned during some of our podcasts that we have had a whiskey that really made us strutter..  I am not talking like rocking out to Kiss “strutter” but I am talking that feeling where you want to clean yourself with a chicken strutter..  Alright, maybe that is the wrong visual as well but we brought back our friend and featured guest of the show (compliments of Hotel Tango) Patrick onto the rails for a repeat whiskey experience with 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey out of beautiful Minneapolis, MN.    We promise the wheels falls off the rails on this review.  So check out this podcast and see how we do with our first official “rails” whiskey review.   Train..  Train…

We would like it noted, we hadn’t finalized some of our sponsors with this podcast and blog since it was recorded early in our recordings.   However we do love our sponsors and want you to learn more about them..   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsors link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

You can find our sponsors at the following sites:

·         Hotel Tango – http://hoteltangowhiskey.com/

·         Glencairn Whisky Glass – http://www.glencairnwhiskyglass.com/

·         Whisky Stones – http://whiskystones.com/

Check out this episode!


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