Keeping It Classy With Gentleman Jack

Has there been a time when you said you were ready for a challenge but weren’t quite feeling it?   Well welcome to this week’s dilemma for the guys of Whiskey On The Rails..   We brought in a completely new whiskey for our podcast and one from a company that hasn’t been reviewed yet, Jack Daniels.  We tried to classy up our recording area with some awesome Gentleman Jack.   While one host was fueled up with excitement, the other was ready to use the mic has a pillow..   Enough of a teaser, stay tuned for the podcast for more information.

As we said, we haven’t brought in a single bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey into our recording of podcasts and blogs.  Honestly, it isn’t overly surprising since both of the hosts are Jim Beam guys and we have brought in what we have enjoyed.   Not to say there is anything wrong with Jack, not at all, it has just been our preference to drink Jim.   What we both agree on is enjoying great whiskey and this batch of Gentleman Jack is certainly some great whiskey.

When we officially started off our drinking adventure, it was slightly difficult since one of the hosts was slightly under the weather for the recording..  Just to be safe, we recorded in the afternoon (well afternoon if you were in Europe) so the effects from the prior night were still being a great topic of conversation.    However we will let that conversation come out in the podcast vs giving that teaser during the blog.

We tried the whiskey (and when we say we it was mostly me and if you can figure out who is me then you know who is writing this blog) across our traditional three ways..  Neat, Rocks and Whisky Stones.  We poured the whiskey into our beautiful Glencairn Whisky Glass and started our overall drinking process of this whiskey.   It was a beautiful caramel color of whiskey that almost shined in our Glencairn glass.      When you spin the whiskey, you can really catch a good deal of the smell of the whiskey..   From one that gets its flavor from its barrel, you don’t really pick up that oak smell at all in the smell of this whiskey..  It is a vanilla and caramel smell from this whiskey, unless you spent the evening smoking cigars and aren’t feeling it, then it might be one or the other…

The flavor taste proved to be a great taste test because one of the hosts proved that the “hair of the dog” is real and it does work because the other host cheered him on during the recording..  Yes, I do enjoy my host and we both pick on each other quite a bit..   He got his revenge later but hey, that is another story for another time when it comes to drinking between two friends.   Back to the taste, we had it at room temperature and the flavor wasn’t something I was expecting..  It was…  Well I guess I did cover that in the podcast, so check out the recording and see if you agree..

It was time to break out some Whisky Stones and chill down our whiskey to a delightful cold temperature.    We learned that three whisky stones can chill down your glass of whiskey and we also learned that three whisky stones one somebody’s forehead can also help them out when they are under the weather.    What we did find from the stones, it did not break up the taste of this whiskey.   In my opinion, it really showcased the true taste of the whiskey without diluting down and taking away from the overall flavor of the barrel and taste of the whiskey.    So in my mind, whisky stones were awesome and my host appreciated the temperature of the stones but was looking forward to some rocks.

The reason he wanted some rocks was to see if the flavor would be opened up with some water and he wasn’t disappointed in the results.   Well he thought the flavor was not only taken down but the overall effects was taken away.      I don’t want to give away too much information but again, I am proud that he was still drinking with me during this podcast recording, so again check out the recording.

At the end of the day, we got another great whiskey on the shelves and another great recording.    We had to apologize to those who missed out on the periscope line (sponsored by Hotel Tango) but one of the hosts wasn’t feeling it..   If you listen to about 3 minutes of the podcast, you will completely understand..  We do love our sponsors and want you to learn more about them..   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

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