Billy Idol Is A Fan Of Rebel Yell

Alright, so the story of Billy Idol and Rebel Yell has been mentioned in our very first podcast.  When that story was first told by Rob, Eric immediately gave his two cents and mentioned this story could never be told again because it was just that bad of a story by Rob.   When we decided to go back to our roots and bring in a true “Rails” whiskey, it was decided that Rebel Yell needed to come into the mix for two major reasons.   The first, would be to really annoy Eric and that is a valid reason right there..   However the second would be to officially retire the story and never speak of it again.   Well if you are ready for a round of “rails whiskey”, then this episode is for you.

The guys from Whiskey On The Rails have really been getting some great bottles of whiskey under the belt at a cost that most people wouldn’t traditionally spend for a bottle.   Well in this blog, we are going to talk about two items..  Number 1, the simple cost of this bottle makes it very easy to purchase when you are just looking for a mixing whiskey.   Number 2, we might mention this story that is so painful to one of the hosts.

Well lets start with this whiskey and let us both be quite honest with this statement.    We believe that Rebel Yell is not a perfect whiskey to order neat, on the rocks or with whisky stones.   Our disclaimer, yes we know a few people who order this whiskey quite often and do enjoy it straight up but it isn’t our cup of whiskey to handle it this way.     We look at this whiskey as one that is great to be part of a mixture.   Whiskey and Coke, Whiskey and Diet Coke or Whiskey and Ginger Ale, is completely perfect for Rebel Yell.    It is great to have with something opposed to be the stand alone winner and what makes it great is a bottle of it is $10.   Yes, you read that correctly, $10.    You have a whiskey that for $12 (figuring in tax and a 2-liter of some soda) can really stretch your dollar and maximize your “rails” whiskey for the weekend tailgating, activities or general boredom.    So the plus of number 1, if you can roll quarters, you can get yourself a bottle of Rebel Yell.

Now the second item, the story.   Yeah, I might have changed my mind in putting it into the blog.   I feel that I can’t convey the pain that was caused by telling it to one of the hosts in writing.   The pain and horror and true disappointment can be felt during the podcast.    Which, it is a great things we are buddy’s and can enjoy each others pain but I think waiting until the 20th episode was almost worth it.

Now, we have a shelf full of great whiskeys in our studio from episodes of the past.  Now, we can officially add to the “rails” where some of our mixtures are located where they would be great with “something else”…    We did have some participation with our viewers on our periscope line (sponsored by Hotel Tango) and they heard a lot of the un-edited content of the podcast.   We do love our sponsors and want you to learn more about them..   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

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