Knob Creek Single at 120

When you are bringing in whiskey that is set at 120 proof, you know you are going to be in for a good time by the end of a recording.   We proved that statement to be true at the end of our recording with Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve coming in hot at 120 proof.    If we needed a pick me up whiskey to give us the “wooooooooooos” this was certainly the whiskey of choice.    The taste, the burn and the enjoyment is truly shown in the review of Knob Creek.    If you are ready for a great fueled podcast, this is certainly going to be the whiskey for you..

You will certainly hear about our reviews of the whiskey during the podcast and really how atleast one of the hosts got a case of the “woooooooooos” very early in the podcast but what we are going to talk about in this blog is a night and day enjoyment of Knob Creek’s higher proof whiskeys (100+) that we reviewed in a past podcast and this podcast.   More or less a night and day of Single Barrel Reserve vs Straight Rye from Knob Creek.

When we choose the straight rye from Knob Creek for a past episode we figured it was a no brainer.   We have had rye’s on the show in the past and both were huge fans of our past tasting pleasures.   Incase you missed it, it would be Podcast 10 – Our Differences With Knob Creek Rye.   When we started our testing, it was immediately a split opinion on the taste and enjoyment of this Rye.    One of the hosts enjoyed it but one really couldn’t come back with a positive vote on this rye.    It might have been the consistency of rye within the whiskey, it could have been the barrel or it could have just been an off day with this rye.    A fair assessment when we were done, we might want to put Knob Creek on the shelf for a while and hold off on its stronger single barrel brother.

Well that day came for our 21st podcast with Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve.   As we said before in this blog, it came in with some heat, awesome flavor and really brought out the “wooooooos” at 120 proof.   It was night and day from the get go on this review because the host who wasn’t a fan of the rye was immediately on board with this single barrel.   The heat that both of the hosts enjoy stood out and stayed with the whiskey review from start to finish.   The awesome vanilla oaky taste was a refreshing change from the rye we had tried almost 11 reviews in the past.    It completely changed the opinion on Knob Creek’s 100+ proof collection while at the same time gave us the case of the 5 minute stupids during our reviews because this was smooth and strong.

Now, that is really just a brief write up on this podcast but we really had a great time reviewing this whiskey.  What was more enjoyable was those that were on the periscope line really giving both of the hosts a great laugh during the recording and when we were also off the mic.   Thanks to one of the individuals who was heckling one of the hosts, it really made for a fun time recording..   We gotta thank Hotel Tango for sponsoring the periscope line.  We do love our sponsors and want you to learn more about them..   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

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