North Bound Roadtrip With Michters

Alright, let me start off this description with an apology that was said in this podcast..  The Kansas City Chiefs won in the first round, my bad..  With that being said, we are back with our old fishing buddy Skip has we are heading north for our Whiskey On The Rails roadtrip.  We are north bound and down with a full bottle of Michters and our drinking buddy Skip.      We talk some great whiskey in this episode with some new stories and bold predictions for our roadtrip.  What is going to happen in Whiskey On The Rails town?   Well enjoy this podcast and follow our pictures this week..   Train Train….

As we are gearing up for our departure north, we want to talk about some of the great moments in this podcast.   It starts with Ken bringing in this Michters Small Batch Bourbon.   We were very greatful for him to not only bring in this bourbon for this episode but joining us for our Whiskey On The Rails roadtrip to the great frozen tundra of Wisconsin.

Now in each of the episodes since almost episode 1, Rob has mentioned if you were on a frozen lake, drinking whiskey (or bourbon) would this be one that has warmed you up.   It is a valid statement because when we broke out this roadtrip a few years ago, we were literally at the coldest spot in the United States during an artic freeze that went through the United States..  It was -30 (F) outside with 25-40 mph winds, which made it feel like -60 to -75 (f) degrees..   Yeah, it was freaking that cold!!!!

However we did have our collections of beers in our tent location while we were on the ice but our old fishing buddy Skip was out on the ice taking some nips from a bottle of bourbon..   As he put it, staying warm with his own bourbon fire..   Oh yeah, it was pure bourbon fire and sure..  It did warm you up..  For about 3.2 seconds until that next round of ice cold wind reminded you that it sucks outside..   However the taste stuck around and kept you wanting to come back for more..  As his cruel joke, he left the bourbon about 30 yards from the tent, so you had to go and get it..    While it would make sense to bring it back and enjoy it while in the tent, that break of being around people and enjoying the pure beauty of the land while enjoying the bourbon made it worth the time..  Until 3.2 seconds went by and the wind came back.

As we head north, we look forward to fun times with friends.   We look forward to our Whiskey On The Rails town..  More importantly we look forward to the stories that are made from our experiences.

Now we will leave a lot of the descriptions in the podcast on how we tried the whiskey across the board and our personal opinions during our tasting..   As always, we gotta thank our sponsors because without them we would be two guys with nothing to drink, nothing to drink out of and more importantly nothing to keep our drinks cold.   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

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