How Old? Very Old Jefferson Reserve

We have mentioned our good buddy Dabber in the past for the man who is going to donate a bottle of Jefferson Reserve to the hosts for our review.   Well, while we are still waiting for that donation to show up in the studio, we are drinking some Very Old Jefferson Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon.   Thanks to this recommendation from our local liquor store, we put this recommendation to the test.   We even went against his wishes on trying this whiskey a particular way but for the name of drinking, we had to take that risk.    Listen to this great podcast and find out more about Very Old Jefferson Reserve.   Train…  Train….

Alright so when we hit up our teaser blog we like to talk about some of the items that we discussed in the podcast or what might have hit the floor during editing.    Well this blog is going to be about something we enjoy talking about and viewing during our podcasts, our Hotel Tango Periscope Line.   Granted, we don’t usually post the episodes of our live recordings because they are unedited and a lot of time un-air able pieces of our podcasts.   However what we do enjoy during them is the interaction with some of our followers.   Lets face it, we don’t keep a good schedule on our recordings to people join us in the morning, afternoons or evenings during the week when we are tasting new whiskey’s for our reviews.

During this podcast recording, both Eric and Rob had a case of the stupid’s which were captured during our Hotel Tango Periscope recording which we felt like we only wanted to showcase in this blog..   If you ever heard in a past podcast, Eric trying to smell the whiskey to catch the aromas from our GlenCairn Whisky Glass but only smelled his microphone, we had that situation sort of happen during this podcast.  That microphone is a tricky character and can catch up on you without any notice.   Maybe if you are smoking an un-lit cigarette and decide to talk into your microphone and forgetting that you had a cigarette.   Well that happened during our recording and the laughter and mocking really lit up the Hotel Tango Periscope line.    Eric was just responding to a question when he went in full speed to his microphone..   The wind-sock on the microphone took the full smack from the cigarette but Eric’s face was completely priceless when he first got hit in the face with the cigarette, second realized what he did and third hoped that Rob didn’t see.    However Rob and our followers got to experience the same enjoyment because it not only happened, we left it in the podcast.    Granted some of the language was removed but you can still hear our enjoyment and also his pain at the same time.

Miracles do happen during a podcast and we enjoy all of them one drink at a time..

As always, we gotta thank our sponsors because without them we would be two guys with nothing to drink, nothing to drink out of and more importantly nothing to keep our drinks cold.   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

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