Taking It To The Big House

Well with every episode we get an opportunity for something new, usually it is whiskey however this episode we got some improvements to our studio.   With that update, you got to hear better audio as we took this whiskey to The Big House.   Most sports fans would think we are drinking in Michigan, however we are still drinking south of the state with some awesome ingredients from Indiana.   There is more than corn in Indiana and we enjoyed this new review.   Check out this podcast and find out more about The Big House.   Train..  Train…

During the podcast, you will get to hear all of our thoughts and recommendations on this whiskey.   However in the blog, we are going to tell a little story about our pre-recording for this episode.  In an effort to keep up with our audience, we wanted to make sure our equipment is current.   Having the best audio equipment is key when you are doing a podcast because you want to make sure the audio is clear.   Well thanks to Eric, we got some new updated microphones into our studio.   Let me tell you, the microphones are not only cool but they sound awesome.

However before we get to the sound quality, we gotta tell you a quick story on the problems we had with the microphones which almost led to them going back to the store.   When you have two guys who do the podcast, one is obviously the sound and editing tech and one is clearly the talent.   Well if you haven’t guessed, Eric is the talent of this podcast.   He has the voice that microphones love and reasons why we got a lot of fan mail, which oddly enough from this podcast series none have been from the FCC.    Anyways, Eric took the liberty of hooking up his microphone because he was excited about his purchase.  Lets face it, if you saw what he purchased, you would be as well.    If you haven’t guessed who is writing this blog, even Rob was excited to kick the tires on the microphones.

Eric took the time to set up his microphone and Rob did the same thing with his microphone.   We did a sound check and one of the two microphones was perfectly fine.    It would be Rob’s microphone (the sound guy) but we wanted to take the time to figure out Eric’s microphone.   First of all, these microphones need power and thanks to our soundboard, we got the phantom power to make the microphones work.   What Eric didn’t realize (when Rob might have said, it could be a problem with the cord, maybe we should replace it) is there is power going through that cord from the board to the microphone and we probably should turn off the board.   Well that information might have been helpful before Eric pulled on the cord to unplug it from the microphone.   That information lead to a wonderful electrocution (nothing harmful at all) but one where Rob was on the floor laughing.   Again, Eric was not amused.

After about 30 minutes of sound check and tuning in the microphones, Eric was ready to give up and go back to our old-faithful microphones.    That is when the lightbulb went off, turn the microphone up-right and talk into the microphone..    Yeah, that did it..      Microphone sounded great when we did that and it was a learning experience..   One where we learned that if a microphone is quiet, turn it upright..  And if it has power, don’t unplug it or you might have a shocking experience.     All in all, a good day of recording..   It was a learning experience.

As always, we gotta thank our sponsors because without them we would be two guys with nothing to drink, nothing to drink out of and more importantly nothing to keep our drinks cold.   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links below or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.

Sponsors Information:

Hotel Tango – http://hoteltangowhiskey.com/

Glencairn Whisky Glass – http://www.glencairnwhiskyglass.com/

Whiskey Stones –  http://whiskystones.com/


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