Brown Bagging It With Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond

As we continued our Brown Bag series,  we are bringing in some Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond, 100 proof whiskey.   Yes, our expectations were very low after last episode but we wanted to see if this whiskey would make the cut for “The Rails” at any bar.   Did it measure up?   Did we shutter like last week?   Do we officially owe you an apology after our last podcast?   All of these questions, AND MORE, will be addressed during this podcast..   Train..  Train..

So we were trying to prove our wives wrong by saying you can’t get a good bottle of whiskey for under $30 bucks when we put together the thought for our last two podcasts.   Well combined (with Indiana state tax) the whiskeys were under $30.   In most bars, they are immediately a “rails” whiskey and we want to bring in all shapes and sizes of whiskeys for our review.

In this case, we have drank a ton of Heaven Hill’s products so why not go out and get a bottle of their Bottled In Bond whiskey..   If you haven’t listened to a past podcast, you know that Even Williams is one of Eric’s favorite whiskeys and one that he always keeps in reserve for when he is in a pinch.   However this bottle is cheaper than even and certainly carries a punch with the 100 proof.     We will keep the review within the podcast.  All we really want to say, don’t always judge a whiskey by its cost..  Some live up to it..  Some really surprise you..  And again, some really give you a solid punch..

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