Our Blood Oath Taken With Virtue

A few months ago we announced a new whiskey from Luxco called Blood Oath, Pact #2.   Well our day has finally come where we get to review this awesome mixture of whiskey.     Oddly enough, we recorded this on Friday the 13th, which not only was the whiskey flowing but some strange spirits were in the room..  In this case, we weren’t talking about the hosts.   We brought in the Man O’ War Virtue for our portion during the “first-third” from Cigar International.    At the end of the day, we survived the night but did we survive the Blood Oath with a side of Virtue?   Check out the podcast and find out..  Train..  Train…

We mention this during the podcast but we got to review this Blood Oath on Friday the 13th.   Late night recording, our recording area was dark with the spread of cigar smoke in the room while thunderstorms were on the way AND there was a full moon.    We couldn’t have created a better setting for this recording with this whiskey, which arrived in its own wooden coffin.     If you were on our Hotel Tango periscope line, you saw a bit of magic in Rob freaking out for no apparent reason.

At one point during our recording, there was a power surge on our dimmed lights and they started to come on brighter.   At that point, you can see Rob looking around like some crazed idiot trying to explain that the lights were coming on for no real reason..  This caused Eric to immediately start laughing at Rob’s expense and saying that our eyes adjust to the darkness and there is no real concern.    We left that apparent derail in the podcast so you can judge for yourself..   Was it a case where ones eyes were adjusting to the darkness or was there some spirit in the room that wanted some whiskey??   You make the call….

Now, we have said it before and we will keep saying it again.   We are so very greatly with the awesome line up of companies we are working with during this podcast.    We like to think of each of our sponsors / partners as part of our extended Whiskey On The Rails family.   When you get to pair up such great products, it is really fun to come out and record every week because we stand behind everything we talk about and enjoy each of the products we get to use during the show.      Even Eric and Rob get along during the podcast because of these great products and that right there is a miracle..

You can find our sponsors at the following sites:


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