Bugatti Quattro Maduro With A Bulleit Straight To Number One

When we have produced our past blogs, we have always given a bit of a teaser on our podcast or given some non-aired entertainment value that we enjoyed but just hit the editing room floor.  This blog is going to be a little bit different, since we have some awesome partnerships with Bugatti Cigars and Cigars International, we want to provide some cigar reviews of the cigars we enjoyed during our podcast recordings.   While we do talk about the pairing during the podcast, here is some more specific information on our review.

During this podcast, we decided to break out the bourbon brother of a favorite rye we had in the past.   We are huge fan of Bulleit Rye and really use that as our “compare against” flavor when it comes to almost any rye we review on our podcast.  Well in this podcast, we brought out Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey and paired it up with a Bugatti Quattro San Andres Maduro cigar for a complete flavor experience.    Of course, we only have 30 minutes during our podcast so lets talk about the “First-Third” cigar experience during our blog today.

We fired up our Bugatti Quattro San Andres Maduro cigar and got to experience this full flavor cigar in all its glory.   When you think of Bugatti, you are thinking of speed, excellence and over all car driving excitement.   Well why should that experience only end with your driving experience?    That experience is rolled into our whiskey experience because we had this full flavor Maduro punched and ready to light up..   Our cigar has a beautiful chocolate appearance with a black and gold wrapper with the Bugatti Quattro branding blazing out and just needing a lit on the cigar to begin our experience.

As we indicated, we punched our cigar because that is our usual course of smoking them based upon our Jet Lighter.   While we find it gives a better draw on the cigars, especially when you fire it up, it has become our choice for the cut.     The four channel burners give a straight and consistent burn when you are firing it up and with this cigar, it certainly does it justice on ignite.   With the blend of seeds (per Bugatti, Dominican and Nicaraguan Cuban seed) it only gives a few strong seconds of burning and your day is immediately getting better…    Because mine is with this cigar fired up and bellowing savoring flavor coming off this Maduro.

The flavor profile of this cigar is quite flavorful on the first-third of this cigar.   Now I am basing this off of the bourbon profiles I am mixing it with but up front it has a great pepper profile on each draw.   My bourbon has a lot of sweet profiles and this cigar has a lot of spice in each draw.   When we are saying spicy, we aren’t talking like you are having a mouth full of habanero peppers which makes you want to drive yourself into your next drink to save your palate.   It is completely a masterful mixture of ying-yang now here is a bit of a twist we want to say with this cigar.    While we were recording we were smoking the cigars but had to take a break since we needed to get a bar open and start bartending so I got half way through my first-third of this Bugatti Cigar and left it sitting in my ashtray.

A few hours after letting my cigar settle, we fired it back up since we had some down time and friends who were smoking their own cigars and drinking their variety of spirits.   What we immediately learned, we were picking right back up in our cigar experience because the flavor profile, the burn and more importantly the enjoyment haven’t been replaced with this cigar.   While the spice was still there, we had a refreshing hint of sweetness that joined the cigar as we were burning through the first third of the cigar.    It is very apparent in the smell with our bellowing smoke that we have a cigar that isn’t one that people want to avoid or move away from but ask one simple question..  What are you smoking?    You want to know?   Well that is easy..  We are smoking a Bugatti Quattro San Andres Maduro which you can quickly purchase at Cigars International…


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