All Things Are Possible With Rye Whiskey and an Excellent Cigar

Recording days are always fun and for the most part very similar for the Whiskey On The Rails gentlemen.  Regardless of the brand or flavor, there is one thing that Rob and Eric know, that they will taste a whiskey of some sort and will be smoking a cigar of some variety.  They sit down, banter back and forth, rarely agreeing on the review, turn off the mics and go back to their well-adjusted middle class lives.  While they absolutely love this, they rarely have such a life changing episode!

Since Rob’s return from a summer get away to the land of beer, cheese and Brett Favre loving circus freaks, Eric has been eyeballing the bounty of new whiskey bottles he smuggled back for their tasting enjoyment.  While all of the new goodies are intriguing, one bottle really stood out and the boys couldn’t wait to fill their Glencairn Whisky Glasses with the amber colored nectar.  The time had arrived and they uncorked this bottle of High West Double Rye!

High West Double Rye:  This wine bottle filled with a light to medium amber eyed whiskey gets its name “Double Rye” by marrying two straight rye whiskies.  The first, a 2 year old rye with a mashbill of 95% rye and 5% barley malt, the other being a 16 rye with a mashbill of 53% rye and 37% corn.  High West is Utah’s first distillery dating back to 1870 and the world’s only ski in distillery (which makes perfect sense why Rob brought this back from Wisconsin).  The nose of this Double Rye tickled the sinuses with tones of honey, clove spice,  backed up with apple.  The first taste is amazing!  Cinnamon and apple are very pronounced in the taste of this rye and makes for a smooth start with a slight burn midway.  The finish lingers with familiar rye qualities, immediately whisking you away to your special place and setting your mind at ease.

The boys paired this up with what would soon become Eric’s new favorite stick.  Enter the Bugatti Ambassador.  The Ambassador is available in 4 sizes, Churchill (7X52) Toro (6X54) Half Corona (3.5X46) and the Robusto (5X52), the Robusto being the choice of the day.  This perfectly balanced, medium bodied beauty has an Ecuador wrapper a Dominican binder and Nicaraguan filler.  The first third of this cigar is slightly peppery on the back of the tongue, naturally sweet but smoother than silk!   The evenness of this burn is unrivaled, a perfect circle that never had to be touched up during the entire smoke.  Eric likes to put every new cigar through a “structural integrity” test, which equates to normal puffing and seeing how long the ash grows before falling off naturally.  The Bugatti Ambassador is in the lead over many, many brands HANDS DOWN making about 3.5 inches of white ash out of the 5 inches available.  A pure enjoyment and quality smoke from start to finish.  If you are somebody who enjoys the finer things in life without breaking the bank, make sure your humidor always has a Bugatti Ambassador ready to be torched.

Bottom line…The pairing between High West Double Rye and the Bugatti Ambassador is nothing less than stellar.  Price point on the bottle is in the $35.00 range and the cigar can be found in the $10.00 range, which is a great deal to make you feel like you should be landing your helicopter atop of your yacht while waiting for your private jet to be fuelled up.  If you have the chance to sample either of these fine products, jump at the opportunity!


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