Bugatti Can’t Save Eric From Evan Williams 1783

Well the Wild Hogs couldn’t take it easy on the road and the gentlemen from Whiskey On The Rails can’t take it easy when it comes to our whiskey reviews.  Well today, we broke out another bottle of Evan Williams for Eric’s tasting enjoyment.  We snagged a bottle of Even Williams 1783 and paired it up with another Bugatti Cigar.  This week, we are trying out some Bugatti Signatures, which we picked up from Cigars International.    Is this another week where the hosts are saved from the whiskeys thanks to the cigars or vice versa?   Well check out the podcast and find out..  Train..  Train..

While we have said that our cigar has saved our whiskey in the past, this episode we did have a split panel since Eric can never say a bad thing against Evan Williams.   Well in this blog, we wanted to talk about our Bugatti Signature that we snagged from Cigars International.    Bugatti has been extremely awesome at not only the cigars for our reviews but the information upfront on what we are smoking.   It is a good thing and a bad thing because we both go into an expectation of certain flavors but then we are surprised because we find sometime completely different..  That is the beauty of having different palate, you never know what you are going to get..

Now this week, we did go out and snag a Bugatti Signature to go with our whiskey review.   We had the entire line up that was provided initially and we wanted more..  We wanted to try something new..   We had the Maduro..  We had the Ambassador..  We have had the Boss (which that is in a future podcast / blog review) but didn’t have an opportunity to try the Signature.   Which we know that we can’t snag that cigar at our local brick and mortar establishment, so we jumped on that inter-webs thing and went to Cigars international.    When you can pick up a five pack with expedited delivery, the only thing you have to worry about it who is going to smoke the extra cigar among the two hosts..

With all of that being said, lets fire up the cigar and enjoy the first-third of this Bugatti Signature.    The information that was provided from Bugatti Cigars said this line is adorned with a lush Ecuadorian wrapper and a complex blend of tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil and Pennsylvania..  Yes, you read that correctly, Pennsylvania..   That is what threw both hosts for a quick loop when we read that because you don’t think of tobacco coming from Pennsylvania..      Steel production sure, you think of that all day but don’t picture cigars coming from the lush land of PA.

This cigar immediately lived up on the full body smoke when we fired it up to go with our whiskey.   As a side note, it continued being a full body smoke from the first smoke until the last puff.   We smoked on this entire Signature for about two hours.   The flavors changed from start to end because as we discussed during the podcast, we should have had notes of cocoa and spice but only the spice was coming out during our recording session.   As the smoke continued, we started to notice that cocoa flavor and at times smell as we pushed through the cigar enjoyment.   Smooth from front to end is an understatement when we talked about this cigar later in the day.

Now we do have to give this disclaimer because it was said repeatedly towards the end of the podcast.  While we did enjoy smoking this Signature, one of the hosts couldn’t get the Ambassador out of his mind.    It isn’t overly fair to rank these from 1-4 (since that is how many we have tried from Bugatti), so a lot of the time 1A, 1B is coming into play.    With this Signature, we certainly would be saying it is right behind that Ambassador as far as favorite and even with The Boss sitting in the wings, we might slide it within the “1” identification but doesn’t change our overall opinion of this cigar..  Hit up Cigars International, get yourself a 5 pack and try out this cigar.   You will find yourself a new way of luxury with Bugatti Cigars.

Now, we have said it before and we will keep saying it again.   We are so very greatly with the awesome line up of companies we are working with during this podcast.    We like to think of each of our sponsors / partners as part of our extended Whiskey On The Rails family.   When you get to pair up such great products, it is really fun to come out and record every week because we stand behind everything we talk about and enjoy each of the products we get to use during the show.      Even Eric and Rob get along during the podcast because of these great products and that right there is a miracle..

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