Sipping On Some Bakers While Vacation Daydreaming

Our hosts are all geared up for an upcoming cruise and we had a serious case of day dreaming while drinking whiskey.    We were fueled with some 107 proof Bakers Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey while we were sitting in our “construction project studio”..    We were smoking a cigar during this episode but we decided to give that Bugatti Cigar its own podcast for a review because 107 proof really gets you going when you are running on empty.    Enjoy some whiskey banter and hop on board for this whiskey train..  Train..  Train..

This podcast really had something for everybody..  Pain, misery, laughing, crying and general whiskey hooligans.   We really tried to have a combined cigar and whiskey podcast but this one, we felt that we needed to drink some Bakers and just have a great time.   Now here is our disclaimer, we were completely smoking a Bugatti Cigar but when we took a break to cool down our whiskey with our whisky stones, we just decided to give The Boss its own Cigar podcast so we could talk more about that cigar and the four others we received in our care package.

Here is something we did discuss during our break and something that we haven’t done a bunch when it comes to our podcast.  Usually we stay pretty focused with a slight ADD derail during each podcast.   This one, it was two buddies just shooting the breeze and getting fueled with our 107 proof whiskey.   We did review it, repeatedly, however nothing is more fun than just hanging out with your buddy and drinking..   Shiny objects were everywhere and it shows at time but then again you gotta have off the cuff humor when you can..   Stay tuned for our Whiskey Wednesday podcast release for more information.

Now, we have said it before and we will keep saying it again.   We are so very greatly with the awesome line up of companies we are working with during this podcast.    We like to think of each of our sponsors / partners as part of our extended Whiskey On The Rails family.   When you get to pair up such great products, it is really fun to come out and record every week because we stand behind everything we talk about and enjoy each of the products we get to use during the show.      Even Eric and Rob get along during the podcast because of these great products and that right there is a miracle..

You can find our sponsors at the following sites:


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