Come Sail Away With The Boss

We have been talking about it for a few episodes but both Eric and Rob are out sailing in the Caribbean Seas..    We got our flippie floppies, we got our Bugatti Cigars and we certainly have a whiskey in our hands.   Well this episode, we are dedicating our conversations all about cigars..   We busted out The Boss, which we got from Bugatti Cigars and completed our Bugatti discussion on the cigars they provided to our fine hosts.  So enjoy this cigar cast, which yes were did have a whiskey we will be reviewing in the future to fuel our discussion..   Train..  Train…

The over-all joy of this blog is centered around our cigar discussion.   Since we had a full whiskey review in our last podcast, we wanted to follow up that discussion with our final cigar that was sent to us in our Bugatti Cigars sampler.    Now this was a cigar that we were certainly looking forward in our review discussion process because it was an inter-changeable cigar for our overall top spot.   What I mean by that, both of our hosts had labeled The Ambassador and The Boss 1 and 1A, which at either time we could swap out the top spot..

Yes, we talk all about this during our podcast review of this cigar and make a few comparisons.   Now this is the section we want to talk about some of the cigar that we had both agreed upon when we were first introduced to the sampler and what ultimately drove us to make the box purchase so we had plenty of cigars to enjoy on our 1st Annual Whiskey On The Rails Caribbean Cruise / Birthday Extravaganza.

The Boss cigar (when you purchase the box) gives you a feeling that you have just won a major prize or gotten the best gift under the Christmas tree when you were a kid.  It is the adult version of adding that perfect piece to your man cave so your friends have to ask, what in the beil is that?     Well let me show you, it is THE BOSS..   So presentation alone, it stands out in my book..   Now, I will say the box is sitting in my man cave right next to my Ditka box because I am a Bears Fan..  Sorry, both of the hosts are Bears fans..  Yes, we drink a lot and yes Jay Cutler sucks..  We can move on, we know..    We drink for a reason..

Now the cigar itself is a very bold cigar in my honest opinion.   However I say that with the ultimately disclaimer because when I think of bold cigars, I label them as “the right time” cigars.  What I mean by that, I usually love a bold cigar right after a great steak with either a smooth bourbon or rye.     When I am just sitting around drinking any random beverage, I won’t always go and pull out a bold cigar..  Now let me be fair, what Bugatti Cigars and what we read on Cigars International indicated this cigar is right in the middle of that “Mild” to “Full” scale but I completely disagree.   It smokes like a very bold cigar but don’t create a “situational smoke” for me because of the overall ease of smoke, the burn of the tobacco and the flavor palette of the cigar.

When we recorded our first podcast of the day, we lit up these cigars and smoked them for about two hours.  Now during that time, we recorded two podcasts (second on the cigar review) and had a few ADD breaks / interruptions during that time.   The one thing that was completely consistent was the amount of times we had to touch up these cigars.  Granted one of the hosts had a few meetings he had to take with our bar patrons so his breaks were a little bit longer but over two hours we had to touch up the cigars once (for Rob) and twice (for Eric because he is more popular with the people).   That right there is saying a lot on the overall burn of this cigar.   Granted, we tried not to ash that much during our recording and funny enough that ash stayed together.    Solid across the board in both hosts opinion..  Now we will let you hear the podcast for more information but this is our quite blog on the podcast.

Now, we have said it before and we will keep saying it again.   We are so very greatly with the awesome line up of companies we are working with during this podcast.    We like to think of each of our sponsors / partners as part of our extended Whiskey On The Rails family.   When you get to pair up such great products, it is really fun to come out and record every week because we stand behind everything we talk about and enjoy each of the products we get to use during the show.      Even Eric and Rob get along during the podcast because of these great products and that right there is a miracle..

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