2016 Year In Review

When you look down the line of whiskey’s you have sampled over the past year, it is really difficult to find those who would be the best of the best.    Granted, it doesn’t take as much effort to remember those that didn’t make the cut during our podcast reviews.   Some we loved, some we hated, some we wouldn’t even share with our buddies when we wanted to mess with them..    Which ones made the cut to be labeled our favorite of 2016?   Check out our year end podcast to find out!!!   Train..  Train..

Now while we are recording all of these podcast, we have our gut reviews on all of the whiskeys that come onto the rails.    What we have learned, we don’t always dislike the whiskeys we have lower on the list when we give it a second or third try down the road.   Anything could have affected our tasting palate during the sessions…   Multiple tastings, multiple flavors, multiple spices or even just the way we were feeling on that specific day, anything can change our taste buds for that review.

Now, one whiskey that Rob wants to give credit back was one that we really bashed on earlier in the year.   In Episode 43, we brought in a Dickel 10 year whiskey for our review and this whiskey was blasted by both hosts.   It was a sour mash whiskey from Tennessee and we couldn’t find a way to enjoy it from neat, on rocks and using whiskey stones.    Just didn’t cut the mustard when we were reviewing it.    Now that same day, we reviewed Colonel E.H. Taylor first (because lets be honest, we usually record two episodes when we get together) and it was one of our top 5 whiskeys in 2016.   One that had a great flavor profile and built up our expectations for that day of recording.    So when we got into our recording session with Dickel, we had already been jaded for that day..

Now, take 2 of Dickel..   I won’t say that my second or third time of Dickel dramatically changed my opinion of the whiskey..  It didn’t..  However at Bourbon Fest and down at a tradeshow, I had the opportunity to try it again..  Not because I ordered it but because it was free for sampling and honestly, I don’t know if I was overly thirsty or just wanted whiskey but it wasn’t as bad as a remember from the podcast recording.    Granted, the best way to enjoy it at the end of the day was mixing it in a Coke but still straight, it wasn’t all that bad..    It goes to show you, first impressions aren’t always the best impression when it comes to whiskey tasting..  Give it another try and it might change your mind..   Then again, it might not

Now, we have said it before and we will keep saying it again.   We are so very greatly with the awesome line up of companies we are working with during this podcast.    We like to think of each of our sponsors / partners as part of our extended Whiskey On The Rails family.   When you get to pair up such great products, it is really fun to come out and record every week because we stand behind everything we talk about and enjoy each of the products we get to use during the show.      Even Eric and Rob get along during the podcast because of these great products and that right there is a miracle..

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