Where Have We Been?

Well this is a very fitting topic since we have been asked this question over the past couple of months.   We would love to say that we were galivanting across Europe and the lower 48 states.   We would love to say that we were out finding the perfect ice cube to fit within our GlenCairn Whisky glass.   Heck, we would love to say that we were in the space training program trying to have that perfect sip of whiskey above the earth.

Any one of those excuses would be great drinking excuses but the reality is we have been living our normal lives.  You know work and family, professions and wives or trials and tribulations.   Either way, we are still alive and kicking and drinking whiskey on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as pals.   That has been the key since when we started this avenue together, we had the same agreement when it came to our recordings.   If we both can’t record together, we can’t put together an episode.  What I mean by that statement, we aren’t going to farm out co-hosts and guest hosts when one of the two main contributors can’t be there to attend.   We started this podcast together and we are certainly going down with the ship together.

Now, with all of that being said, you will certainly start seeing more weekly blogs coming out in the next couple of months.   You know that whiskey from the road type of feel and looking back at a few of our prior whiskey reviews for a second chance at a first impression.   Either way, we are still going to be putting out some new and improved whiskey and cigar blogs.      We will still continue to put out our same great daily entertainment and also some new items during this summer.   I think the simple answer to the topic of our blog would be this..  We haven’t gone anyplace, we are still two guys, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars.    The same path we started and the same path we will continue.


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