Three Different Whiskey Drinkers

While on a recent flight at 30k feet, three random whiskey drinkers ordered three separate whiskey’s beverages from our flight attendant who was so eager to sling out a few drinks.   Each of these travelers have never met outside of the chance flight but since we all ordered a type of whiskey, we found it funny and a good time to start chatting..  Let me be honest, when I am on a flight I usually have my head phones on with some variety of music but got caught into this conversation.

I ordered a double gentleman jack, the gentleman next to me ordered a double beam and coke and the third gentleman ordered a makers mark with club soda.   So right there, you have some variety when it comes to the drinking because one was drinking pretty much straight up and the other two were mixing their whiskey selection with either leaded or unleaded soda.

The two gentleman who ordered their mixed drink asked me why I ordered my beverage on the rocks vs mixing it with some general beverage?   Of course, I had to say I have a whiskey podcast and I believe it is a sin to mix your whiskey.   Which I wish I really had said that but inside it came out as you don’t mix your whiskey and slapped them both across the face.   ALRIGHT, I said I have found it is better to not mix my whiskey because I want to the pure alcohol versus a diluted flavor..  Crap!!  I said nothing but smiled and said what?  I didn’t hear you..

Well the two other gentleman claimed to be whiskey drinkers for a great many of years.   Each of them were in their mid-30’s so I could relate to their time on the whiskey train.   However one of the guys made a odd comment when it came to his drinking habit.   He said, he loves the taste of whiskey with club soda but hates the taste of whiskey without it?    The guy next to me nodded like it made sense..  I was confused..   I said, you like the taste of mixed whiskey but you don’t like whiskey?   Which I couldn’t stop by myself by saying you must have loved Zima with a jolly rancher?    That makes zero sense to me.. How can you love something but not like it unless something else is there to make it better?   Well if you put it like that it makes sense.   Makes as much sense as humping a cactus in the middle of desert.   But to each, their own..  Right?

The second gentleman in this discussion had the middle seat and was pretty much watching a tennis match of comments going back and forth and laughing like he was in pain.   The only comment he could make, he likes Diet Coke with some action fuel in it.   Now, I had to laugh at that one because I never heard whiskey being called action fuel in my prior drinking experiences.   That just got added to the 10 drinking comments I am going to make in the future..

Either way, after a short 90 minute flight it is great to have a whiskey discussion when normally I would be out in my own world and like Tom Petty..  Be Running Down A Dream….


Traveling Whiskey in Minneapolis

Alright, so the luxury of traveling for a job, you have the opportunity to try spirits from all over this glorious United States and the countries across the pond.   You get to get feedback from those gunslingers behind the bar who claim they know what you need based upon your palate, your mannerisms or basically how much you have had to drink.   Well this time, I wanted to throw some dirty laundry on the field because I couldn’t believe what I was first seeing then what I was hearing.

So, to paint the picture, sitting in Minneapolis, MN Airport as I puddle jump over to Las Vegas for a weeks’ worth of gambling, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr working.   I stumbled upon a local airport bar with an exceptional selection and I saw a glorious bottle of High West Double Rye Whiskey.   Immediately I knew exactly what I was getting but I was sort of confused.  My confusion was that it was on the basic row of whiskey’s.  Sitting next to the Rebel Yell’s, Jim Beam (white label) and Jameson.   I made a snide comment to the bartender that did he mistake the location of the High West?   It should certainly be higher in the line of spirts then on the first level.  That is almost “The Rails” when you think about its location.   He quickly corrected me by saying it is an entry level whiskey that they were trying out but it certainly isn’t a high seller within their airport.   So, me being the traveler who loves a great deal was screaming hell yeah on the inside but feeling calm and cool and ordering a double on the rocks.

See this is where the fairy tale turns a bit south because TWO LEVELS UP was Slow & Low – Rock and Rye.  If you heard a few of our episodes in the past, we reviewed both of these whiskey’s during separate podcasts.   I told the bartender, is that a mistake that Slow & Low is more in demand than the High West Rye?    To my surprise, Slow & Low is as popular as Jack Daniels in that airport because that rock and feel whiskey is popular to those airport customers who are traveling through the land of 1000 lakes…  It really took me two separate whiskeys to take all of that in and believe that was a valid statement?    My next question left the bartender almost dumbfounded.   When I said, I am getting ready to order my third High West Double Rye (for $5.50 AT AN AIRPORT!!!!), how many folks order a second round of Slow & Low?   His response, not many.  They find it is unique in flavor, they don’t need anymore.   What I heard what he said, folks hated me for letting them order that whiskey.

Now, I am just a single traveler on a global podcast series with one of my best friends.    I think he would completely agree with this statement.  Friends don’t let friends drink Slow & Low when High West Double Rye is $5.50 at an airport.    Enough said, time to catch my next flight…