Every journey has a starting point.   Whether you are taking your first step in a marathon, getting your first set of car keys or trying your first bottle of whiskey, it all begins with that first step.   We have two guys which are driving the train in our blogs and podcasts…   We have two separate paths with our preferences in drinking… However we found we have the same enjoyment for Jim Beam products.  Basically, two guys, a few cigars and a bottle of whiskey..   It fuels a great conversation each week for our podcasts, it adds to our creativity for blogs and sets up some great entertainment.

Each week, we are trying new whiskeys and giving our feedback as we try them three different ways.   Neat, with our whisky stones and with conventional ice.   Some good, some bad and some we just need to try again..   We are willing to take one for the team for the betterment of our whiskey followers.   We have now added a cigar review to see how they pair up with each whiskey during that specific episode.     We feel that we have the full spectrum completed when it comes to that whiskey experience.

We are blessed to have a great line up of sponsors.   Without our sponsors, we would be two guys with nothing to drink, nothing to drink out of and more importantly nothing to keep our drinks cold.   If you want to learn more about them, please click on the individual links on the right of the page or feel free to click on the sponsor’s link at the top right corner of our webpage.  You can find each of their website, facebook and twitter links.


Eric & Rob


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