Here would be our collection of blogs that we have put together for each of our podcasts.    Most of these tell a story that either made the podcast or was left on the editing floor..   Either way, it is a great avenue to learn about what we were doing during our podcast.

Bugatti Can’t Save Eric From Evan Williams 1783 (Podcast 64)

Slow And Low Is The Tempo In The Nub Scale (Podcast 63)

All Things Are Possible With Rye Whiskey And An Excellent Cigar (Podcast 62)

Toasting A Nub With Beer Barrel Bourbon (Podcast 61)

Bugatti Quattro Maduro With A Bulleit Straight To Number One (Podcast 60)

Central Standard Bourbon Driving With Bugatti (Podcast 59)

Diesel Saved Jethro T Boots (Podcast 58)

Uncle Bob Mishap Saved By A Diesel Rage (Podcast 57) 

Start Spreading The News With Sinatra And An Diesel Unlimited (Podcast 56)

Jim Beam Bottled In Bond With An Unholy Cocktail Diesel Cigar (Podcast 55) 

Uncut Diesel Fueled Rails With Sazerac Rye In The Tank (Podcast 54)

David Nicholson 1843 Launches New Variant And Updates Packaging

Being Hungover With A Eagle Rare And Cask-Strength To Save The Day (Podcast 53)

Toasting A Years Worth Of Podcasts With A Rye And A Cigar (Podcast 52)

Summer Drinks Fueled By Hotel Tango (Podcast 50)

Jack Daniels Rolling With A 5 Vegas (Podcast 49)

Taking The Road With Larceny and Ruination (Podcast 48)

Our Blood Oath Taken With Virtue (Podcast 47)

Makers 46 Lined Up With Man O War (Podcast 46)

Cigars International Joining Whiskey On The Rails Partner Lineup (Podcast 45) 

Exciting New Partner Annoucement Tomorrow (teaser for Podcast 45)

Brown Bagging It With Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond (Podcast 44)

The Dickel Caused A Train Wreck (Podcast 43) 

The Dude Calls Out Colonel Taylor (Podcast 42) 

Taking It To The Big House (Podcast 41) 

Luxco Announces Plans For Bardstown Distillery (Press Release)

Bernheim Is Well Worth The Wheat (Podcast 40) 

Luxco Releases Blood Oath Pact No. 2 (Press Release)

How Old?  Very Old Jefferson Reserve (Podcast 39)

Great State Of Alaska Is On The Clock (Podcast 38) 

1792 Is Excitement In Kentucky (Podcast 37) 




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