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We have a great line up of Cigars we are pairing up with our Whiskey’s during our podcasts.   We want to give people a direct way to find these cigars and purchase them via our cigar distribution network.   If you hadn’t had an opportunity to try out Bugatti Cigars, you are missing out..

Here is a listing of cigars we have reviewed and/or smoked during our podcasts.   If we had a specific review on the cigars, we included the podcast number for your enjoyment.

Isla Del Sol – This cigar has been included in a variety of podcast since the beginning.   It has been a favorite of Rob’s for quite a few years.    This is a mild cigar that is has a very sweet flavor on the initial taste and burns extremely well.

Nubs by Oliva – This cigar has been included in even more podcasts since they were introduced by Eric.   This would be one of his staple go-to-cigars because of the blend of the cigar and the size makes it flexible for any cigar opportunity.

Man O’ War (Robusto) – We had officially brought this cigar into our reviews during Podcast 46.   This was the first of three that we had and paired it up with Makers 46.

Man O’ War (Virtue) – This was the second cigar we had brought in from Man O’ War selection, which we paired it up with Blood Oath, Pact #2 for Podcast 47.

Man O’ War (Ruination) – This was the final of three cigars we had brought in during our Man O’ War month in May.  We had paired it up with an awesome bottle of Larceny for Podcast 48.   We had more time to smoke this cigar during our recording due to technical difficulties which turned out to be a great problem to have with this Ruination)

5 Vegas Classic – Fifty Five (Gordo) – This kicked off June from Cigars International and we got to enjoy some 5 Vegas Classic.   This is one of the most popular line from 5 Vegas and one that has been enjoyed many of times by Rob.   It was the key cigar in our 49th Podcast with Jack Daniels.

5 Vegas Gold – Double-Nickle – Well this cigar will be special to us because it got its own recording in Podcast 51.   While we couldn’t smoke it during our recording in downtown Indianapolis (due to smoking laws), we brought it back into our studio and gave it a review.    Not only did this cigar make its rounds during our recording and pre-sessions, it made its way around TPC Stadium in Scottsdale..  Great smoke but a horrible round of golf..

5 Vegas Gold – Gold Maduro “The Brick” – Well we brought this cigar together with a new rye whiskey to kick off our 52nd Podcast.   When we first fired up this cigar, we didn’t realize how great it would pair up with a spicy rye.   The combination between tobacco flavors and the rye heat made this an awesome combination.   They played extremely well together.

5 Vegas –  Cask Strength – This cigars was one we paired up for our 53rd Podcast.   We had a bottle of Eagle Rare and thought it was a great time to pair up the two items to start our second year of podcast.  Oddly enough, this was a first when we compared our whiskey and cigars..  Both hosts were split on the compatibility  between the flavor profiles for pure enjoyment.   The whiskey alone was great..  The cigar alone was great..  However pairing them up together, wasn’t the best combination..

Diesel – Uncut – We kicked off July’s cigar giveaway from Cigars International with this great Uncut cigar from Diesel.   This was a great introduction to Diesel’s cigars as we were pairing it up with Sazerac Rye Whiskey.   The combination really played well together with the heat and spice of the whiskey and the smoothness of the Uncut Diesel.   If you want to learn more about this review, please check out Podcast 54.

Diesel – Unholy Cocktail – We tried to par up what we thought could be a great Unholy Cocktail with a 100 proof Jim Beam Bottled in Bond whiskey with this Unholy Cocktail Diesel cigar.   The combination really had mixed results from both of the hosts during the podcast however we both agreed that we enjoyed this cigar.   Check out Podcast 55 for more information on our review.

Diesel – Unlimited (Toro) – Alright, so we paired this Diesel up with probably our most expensive whiskey that we have reviewed on Whiskey On The Rails.    The Unlimited was fired up with an awesome glass of Jack Daniels Sinatra Select…  You want to talk about an awesome pairing, the combination of these two was near flawless.   The flavors of the cigar mixed with the unique tastes of the whiskey created a perfect combination.. Check out Podcast 56 for our great review.

Diesel – Rage – While going through whiskey reviews, we might not always find a winner.   However we were pleased to have this Diesel Rage on this particular review because it saved our day.   While you can say, yes we were trying a flavored (Root Beer) whiskey, the cigar should have helped our day.    Check out Podcast 57 for more information.

Diesel – Unlimited Maduro – I hate to say it but back to back weeks of “whiskey” that needed a supporting cast to make life better for the review.    We enjoy reviewing “donated” whiskey however we didn’t do the Diesel Unlimited justice during our podcast review.   It was the star of the podcast and what we really kept talking more about during our review.   Check out Podcast 58 for more information.

Bugatti – Quattro San Andres Claro – Finally, we were back in the saddle with a great bourbon and an outstanding cigar.   We brought Bugatti Cigars on board as both a cigar to review but for a sponsor.    We had a sampler package of cigars and this was certainly one of their favorites.   Check out Podcast 59 for more information.

Bugatti – Quattro San Andres Maduro – While we were up-north on vacation, we selected what we thought was the perfect whiskey to be paired up with this cigar.  Bulleit produces some awesome products and we knew that it would go well with this cigar pairing.   When you have the spice with this Maduro and are pairing it with a sweet Bulleit bourbon, you can’t go wrong..   Check out Podcast 60 for more information.

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