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Episode 4 – Indiana Whiskey Viewed From Periscope

Back home again in Indiana takes on an entirely new twist with the review of Indiana Whiskey.   The guys from Whiskey On The Rails broke out a bottle of Sweet Silver Corn Whiskey from the Indiana Whiskey Company in South Bend, Indiana..   We learned quickly that this is definitely a whiskey that needs to be tasted just to pay homage to the old school ways of distilling.   It is all copper these days..   We also introduced some new technology to the show so people can watch the magic happen with whiskey while we record..  Check out this entertaining podcast while we were drinking on the rails..  Train..  Train…   

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Hoosierland White Lightning

Your boys here at Whiskey on the Rails hail from the great land of corn, basketball and mullets. We are proud to be from Indiana (minus all of the negative press in recent months), but found yet another reason to brag upon The Crossroads of America-other than Michael Jacksons birthplace. The Indiana Whiskey Company is making some rather tasty mild rocket fuel out of South Bend!

We cracked open a bottle of their “Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey” and began to sweat. This unaged beauty is made from 80% Indiana grown corn and is bottled between 80-90 proof (40%-45% ABV). The nose on this is an extremely crisp, clean corn with an underlying grain alcohol aroma. If you are looking for something to warm your belly, look no further! While this bold tasting whiskey is reminiscent of the hooch your grandfather kept in a mason jar, the finish is clean and refreshing. Along with a sweetness that makes you keep going back for more, Indiana Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey has been proven to turn bare chested Justin Bieber fans in to Tom Selleck stunt doubles…..Ladies, you’ve been warned! While we always try to review a whiskey three ways; neat, rocks and mixer, we felt that the Silver Sweet corn was just too strong to add a mixer and agreed that it is a great rocks whiskey.

This variety may not be for beginners, but is definitely a whiskey that needs to be tasted just to pay homage to the old school ways of distilling, adding nothing to the liquor but the bare essential flavor. The Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey earned the 2014 Silver Medal at the World Spirits Competition, Indiana Whiskey Company also makes two other varieties that will be reviewed by us in the very near future! So now that we have bragged about how delicious this whiskey is….comes the bad news. Indiana Whiskey is only for sale in, you guessed it, Indiana. So until then we suggest you come on up to the great state of Indiana, cheer on the Irish and while your in town swing by and get you a bottle of this clear corn deliciousness!